TIME: Sunday 9a Light Breakfast; 9:30a Worship and Interactive Teaching (kids welcome!)

LOCATION: Pastor Pete's home at 53 Prospect St. Middletown, CT. 06457


We highly value the role that family plays in our everyday lives, and it is our deep desire to walk with one another to love and lead well - together.  The following info will provide some insight into what you can expect at our church.  You can also feel free to contact Pastor Pete.  

 What to wear? –

Wear what you want.  Seriously.  If you enjoy getting dressed up, great. There are those who dress up and there are many who don’t.  What’s most important, is that you’re with us. 

What about the kids? –  

Every Sunday, children are welcome and involved in our service.  Children are encouraged to participate in our learning process together, so they remain in the room with the parents. 

To help kids stay engaged, we provide notebooks, markers, crayons, pencils, and clipboards to help kids express what they learn and write their thoughts about what we learn. 

What does the service look like?  

As we teach from the selected Bible passage of the day, Adults and Children alike are encouraged to ask questions that pertain to the teaching time.  If an answer requires more than a few minutes to answer, we continue to discuss after the service – and beyond if needed.

We love LEARNING WITH and LEARNING FROM each other. 

Church is all too often an isolated experience or event.  God's word is our foundation and our source of Truth.  However, we want to do our best to help families be the primary spiritual leaders of their own home so God’s Word shapes and influences our lives together – not just on Sundays – but integrated throughout life wherever that may be! So we try to create a teaching environment that develop skills and practices that you can implement in your own home!


We look forward to your visit!