In 2014 God opened huge doors for Covenant Life Church to be able to do international outreach.  Through our Evangelical Free Church of America network, God connected us to Pastor Arthur.  Pastor Arthur leads a Haitian church in Boston.  What started as a seemingly simple local connection has lead to a significant international opportunity for our us. We have partnered with Pastor Arthur in helping to fund the construction of a new school in Haiti in an area devastated by the earthquake that occurred there four years ago.  As of October 6th, this new school is now helping to teach and develop Haitian youth who have literally been out of school for the past four years.  We feel blessed to have been able to play such an important part in making this school happen and we are in constant prayer that God continues to provide us with opportunities for our church to make a difference internationally.

Click on the image below to see what God is helping us do in Haiti.